Residents Association

The Westmere Residents Association (WRA) is a non-profit organization that is put in place for the continuing care of Westmere's amenities, common space, parklands and entrance features. All residents of Westmere pay a yearly fee and are "Members". This fee is used to administer, construct, replace, reconstruct, manage, operate, maintain and repair on behalf of and for the benefit of its Members (residents) certain recreation facilities, park lands, signage, walkways entry monument signs and other features and boulevards (collectively, the Westmere Amenities) all located or to be located within or adjacent to Westmere.

All monies received shall be spent solely on the operation, management, maintenance, expansion and alteration of the Westmere Amenities. The Board of Directors consisting of members of Westmere Communities Inc. and Melcor Developments Ltd. currently manage the WRA. Eventually, the WRA will be turned over to the residents of the community who will form the board.

Effective January 1, 2006, the Westmere Residents Association will commence operation.

Membership & Fees

Every single lot in Westmere has an encumbrance registered against the Certificate of Land Title that legally requires the owner to pay a yearly Residents Association fee. The fee is currently $50 per year but will be reviewed annually and is subject to change.

Effective January 2006 the WRA will be in full operation and fees will start being administered at that time. The $50 (+GST) fee that all residents paid when they took possession of their homes has been applied to their January 2006 invoice; therefore, all residents will owe $0 for the January – December 2006 calendar year. The calendar year for invoicing is January - December.

Turnover Information

The turnover date is the date in which the Prefered Members surrender their prefered memberships for cancellation and on which the Common Memebers become Voting members.

2010 Turnover Information

Financial Reports

Year End Financial Reports (Audited)

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Letters to Residents

WRA meeting held at the Chestermere Lake Middle School on February 27, 2006.



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